Australia's funniest and rudest names!

  | James Innes

Granny’s Gut, Eggs and Bacon Bay, Mouldy Hope, Little Dismal, Butt of Liberty, Break-Me-Neck Hill, and Pensioners Bush are just some of the actual place names which appear on a new map of Australia.

They are included in a list, which also includes Peculiar Nob, Windy Saddle, The Dump and Blubber Head, of the country’s funniest and rudest names compiled by British mapmaker, Strumpshaw, Tincleton & Giggleswick.

Company founder Humphrey Butler noted that Tasmania has a particularly high concentration of unusual names, and that “one of the things that made that I think makes the Aussie map is that there are quite a few places that sound really, really Australian….. there’s a place called Dinkum, there’s a place called Mate and a place called Bruce as well!”

Mr Butler used to hold down a corporate job in London until he decided to escape the rat race and took a road trip around Britain in an old car. “When you’re travelling like that, you look at map and road signs and notices and see all these funny sounding place names he said.” That in turn prompted the thought – how many of these places are there?”

While the Australian map follows similar such publications for the UK and the US, it appears that Aussie names have a unique and colourful character of their own, with places like Beggary Bumps, Wombat Flat, Grassy Bottom Chuckling Creek and Satan’s Lair also featuring prominently.

Mr Butler cites Lovely Bottom in Tasmania, Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory and Windy Saddle in Victoria as his own personal favourites. He also commented that there are “lots of knobs in Australia. …..there are hundreds and hundreds of Knobs all over Australia but there is one called Prominent Nob in South Australia and that does make us laugh”.

Source: BBC


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