How do you feel this vacancy differs from your current role?

  | James Innes

How do you feel this vacancy differs from your current role?

Alternative and related questions:

What do you think makes this position different from your last one?

The meaning behind the question:

This ostensibly simple-sounding question is actually more complex, in the hands of an experienced recruiter, than you might at first think.  They're not really interested in the differences themselves; they're interested in further probing into what it is that attracts you to this job and will mean that you not only survive but that you thrive in it.

Your answer:

While there may be any number of differences between your current or previous role and the role for which you are now applying, you must focus, in your answer, on those aspects of your new job which appeal to you the most or which represent a new, interesting or unusual challenge.  Aim to come up with at least two or three positive comments.  And a useful little trick is to phrase your comments as if you've already been hired and are part of the team.


There are certainly a number of differences.  In  particular, there's the challenge of the new international markets we'll be expanding into.  I'm looking forward to working with clients beyond just the UK.  I'll also have considerably more autonomy and responsibility for managing my own workload which will make my day-to-day working life a whole lot more rewarding.  And, of course, I'll be learning and helping to develop an entirely new database system, which is something I particularly enjoy.

Word of warning:

However many differences you may come up with in your initial answer, be prepared for the interviewer to ask for more!

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