How would you describe your ideal team member?

  | James Innes

How would you describe your ideal team member?

Alternative and related questions:

How would you describe your ideal subordinate?
What would be your ideal team?

The meaning behind the question:

In describing their ideal team member, most candidates will automatically and subconsciously describe how they see themselves as a team member.  That makes this a very interesting question for a trained interviewer.  It's another question which will give them insight into what kind of a team player you are yourself.

Your answer:

This is quite an easy question to answer really.  Focus on two or three positive qualities in a team member, aiming for ones which are universally popular.


My ideal team member is someone who is firmly committed to the common goals of the team, someone who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and 'muck in' to get the job done – someone who is prepared to take personal responsibility for getting the job done.  Loyalty is obviously also important, loyalty to their colleagues, their management and to the organisation as a whole.  They also need to be a good communicator because communication is key to successful working relationships.

The next couple of questions discuss personal and professional development.

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