What is your current salary package?

  | James Innes

What is your current salary package?

Alternative and related questions:

How much are you currently earning?

The meaning behind the question:

Very simple. The interviewer wants to establish what level of remuneration you currently enjoy and see how that compares to the package their organisation is planning to offer (which may or not have been previously disclosed).

Your answer:

Your answer is also very simple. I would strongly recommend against any answer other than the absolute truth. They’re not asking what salary package you are now looking for (that’s the next question in this chapter). They’re asking what you currently receive and that’s what you need to tell them, although it’s always a good idea to emphasise that money is not your only motivator. When it comes to talking money, you never want to come across as mercenary. (The only exception to this would be for those working in sales and other money-driven and largely commission-based roles).


I currently have a basic salary of £32,200 with a Ford Mondeo company car. I also receive an annual bonus; this year it was £2,500. While my remuneration is clearly important, it’s most certainly not the only deciding factor in my choice of a new job and a new employer. Continuing my professional development within a suitably challenging role is also very important to me.

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