How to Build Your LinkedIn Network

  | James Innes

How To Build Your LinkedIn Network

If you add just the people you know already on LinkedIn, chances are you won't get much beyond 100 connections. 

We believe that you should expand your network to its maximum. The further your reach, the greater exposure you have to opportunities and spreading your messages. 

You have to be careful about adding the right people as if too many people press, "I don't know this person" then the LinkedIn people will delete your profile with no warning. You'll then have to start all over again. 

You want to get to 500 connections as quickly as possible and then be more strategic about who you add. 

Action points in order to get to 100% profile completion are as follows:

  1.  Import your current connections 
  2. In groups search 'TopLinked'. Request to join the group.

When you have been accepted (takes about a week) then you'll be able to download a csv file. You can then invite people and they will accept you with no questions asked.

Having a large network means that you'll be able to connect with more people through 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

You can still be successful by only connecting with people you know; it's just a little tougher in the long run.

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