LinkedIn Keyword Research

  | James Innes

LinkedIn Keyword Research

If you want a senior recruiter searching for you on LinkedIn (or Google for that matter) then they are going to use certain KEY words to search for you.

You need to be aware that everything in your headline and in your summary needs to be full of keywords that recruiters will be looking for. 

You probably know some words that should be associated with roles you want, e.g. marketing executive, manager, creative, accountant, sales etc. 

You also need to appreciate that there are a lot more keywords surrounding these words that different people will search. 

One great way of doing this is to use

You need to do the following:

  1. Go and find a few job post listing for the kind of jobs you are looking for.
  2. Copy and paste them into to instantly see which are the most commonly used keywords within the job listings.
  3. Now, go and put these keywords into your current job title, status, your summary and experience - as many places as possible.

Remember to insert an email or phone number into your profile so you can be contacted once they've found you! 

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