Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn

  | James Innes

Top 10 Tips for LinkedIn

1. Write job descriptions for each position.
Packing your job descriptions with keywords is incredibly important if you want people to find you. They also need to know what you did in your last job!

2. Complete the 'specialities' section.
The specialities section allows you to list key skills and knowledge areas. Keywords are crucial again.

3. Create a personal URL.
When a recruiter or potential client research you, you want them to find compelling and positive information. By creating your personal LinkedIn URL recruiters will find you easily.

4. Make your profile public.
You shouldn't be hiding your profile from potential recruiters.
To change this, click on the 'edit profile' tab and look for 'Public Profile.' Click the 'edit' next to the URL and you will arrive at the page where you can choose what to make public.

5. Add a photo.
Not having a photo is a bad idea and so is having a poor photo.
Make sure it looks professional, we have just the service to help you with that. All you need to do is dress the part and our team of professional editors will make you look the part.

6. Have your profile proofread before putting it live.
Just like your CV, you can't afford to have mistakes on your LinkedIn profile.

7. Personalise the invitation to connect message.
LinkedIn is a SOCIAL network. Therefore be SOCIAL. Don't be like everyone else and use the robot text.

8. Use company profiles as a research tool.
Company profiles provide so much useful research information.
Follow companies you are most interested in working for.

9. Don't promote yourself too heavily in LinkedIn groups.
Nobody likes to be spammed. Be useful, not annoying.

10. Check out the LinkedIn Jobs tab.
Remember, that LinkedIn lists a lot of actual jobs - so keep an eye on them!

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